A GUAVA Lover is a woman that loves to express herself, a woman who isn't afraid of being her true self, a woman who aims for independence and for a soft but daring irreverence.
In a way,  the love for GUAVA should bring every women's colorful artistic scent to their own feet.

Fearlessly and strikingly geometric, a GUAVA Lover defies every angle of the ordinary.


A GUAVA Lover on Guava Shoes

Amber Valletta
GUAVA produces one groundbreaking line of shoes after another
Model & Actress USA
Kristen Nichols
These shoes are so ready to party
Editor Assistant, Allure Magazine USA
Lúcia Moniz
GUAVA shoes are super unique
Portuguese Actress, Portugal
Rui Matos
For this SS18, a Guava Mule is definitely our shoe of the day.
Online Fashion Features Editor, Vogue Portugal