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Today we will tell you a story written in first person.

A story of love, work and resilience. 












Did you always dreamed  of having your own  company? Or was it  something that happened  in the middle?

I have always dreamt of creating my own project, my own company. Since I was a little girl I was always making pieces of art, like paintings, drawings and jewelry in order to sell them. That was something that I was always very dedicated, creating products and then pricing them and promoting them among friends and family. I guess that was always in my blood as my grandparents and parents were also entrepreneurs themselves.

We know you meet the love of your life when you were wearing your very first prototype? As this changed anything on the process of building your own company?

I was in love with shoes before I was in love with Ricardo, but what I felt that night, I wanted all my friends to feel and since I was in the process of building a brand, what I most wish for all the women is to have the same confidence, the same will power I gained from the shoes I was wearing and the love that came from it.

You designed everything from the heels to the shoes itself. What was the biggest barrier you had to overcome?

The most challenging process of my brand was indeed finding suppliers and manufacturing partners to turn all my ideas into reality. Mainly finding suppliers to make the heels and its molds. I faced a conservative industry. With all doors closing and the “no’s” that I was getting it all just made me fight against the odds and desire to make my project a reality. “It must be a way” I kept saying to myself, “It must someone somewhere that is willing to embark on this adventure! I can do this”.
All those challenges lead to a whirlpool of emotions, frustrations and tears, but I have learnt from early stage that was only part of the process and that I needed to face it at that moment if I wanted to continue. And you know what.. yes I can do it! I wanted to do it. There was nothing else that made sense rather than making it possible. Sweat and tears was just the fuel for something magical, something powerful and a dream come true.

What advice would you give to someone who sees entrepreneurship as an interesting career path?

I feel the most relevant piece of advice is to believe in your gut feeling. You more than anyone know what you are doing, why you are doing and where you want to be. Follow your own rhythm, stay humble and connect with people. You already are the CEO of your own life.

September 25, 2017 by Ines Caleiro

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