The three most important facts about Copenhagen Fashion Week

Here at GUAVA we are obsessed about shoes - ok, this is now new, I'm sure - but there is more than actually meets the eye when it comes to putting some though into designing an entire shoe collection - ok, nothing new here again, I know.

GUAVA has come a long way when it comes to it's creative DNA, however, it is also true (and for those that do not know) GUAVA has a very special bond  with Scandinavia - for one or two reasons that we might go over one day.
For that reason,  I've decided to focus myself on Copenhagen Fashion Week, not only because it was the powerful and energetic kick off that this SS19 Fashion Week was in need, but mainly because I've fallen deeply in love with the Danish people and their style as well - if you are one of those that are still expecting minimalism and neutrals as the two main characters of an outfit, well, you are truly late to the party because things have changed and Copenhagen is now seen as an immense fashion hub.

We could talk about the hairstyle that street style photographers caught on camera over and over again or about the magnificent moment created by Net-a-Porter thanks to it's personalized Scandinavian bikes that took several high-profile influencers and buyers through the most iconic streets of Copenhagen as if they were living a true "Call my by your name" kind of moment. But no. I've realized that I ended up having three major moments stuck in my mind and, let's face it, if they are it's because they are worth the revival.

1)  ROTATE by Birger Christensen - the launch to know
I might be a bit ahead of my own time, but I've consider this the main highlight of this CPHFW. Our beloved Thora Valdimarsdottir and the dear Jeanette Madsen were the essentials creative minds behind this Collection 1 that was mainly characterized by pieces that they have been dreaming of having in their lives. From dramatic shoulders to fluid and light scandinavian-inspired dresses, you can go from gingham patterns to classy and sexy shades of black and red.

Thora Valdimars in ROTATE Collection 1

2) SAKS POTTS - the brand that reinterpreted the concept of Princess
We can't deny that we have a major thing for the brand, actually, it's truthfully undeniable. The strong connection to bold and magnetic colours ways made us always gush drool over every piece of every collection. Now, and despite being teased during the last couple of months with small sneak-peeks, I think no one could ever imagined that the game was about to be even more serious. SAKS POTTS went from an outerwear brand to a ready-to-wear, being able to present the most perfect simbioses between playfulness, quality and relevancy. This SS19 is a magnetic reflection of the 90's, showcasing the new puffer jackets to-watch-and-have-now and proving that logomania might be here for an another round. Lesson learned, for this upcoming SS19, we are allowed to use patent purple, a mix of orange and red  and a lot of top knots. Besides, they have added a pregnant model to the show, so.

SAKS POTTS - The new kind of Princess

3) GANNI - the brand that has made windbreakers a must-have again
This mid-market brand have also been an entire constellation of goals, not only due to the styles they have been putting into the market, not only because of the shoes, but mainly due to the entire brand world attached to it. They went from strict and normalized collections to an entire merchandising line and this is, in fact, pretty incredible, isn't it? However, what I really want to emphasize has very little to do with their take on a t-shirt or an Iphone case, but rather their take on styling tips. If you don't know, bucket hats, hiking sneakers and extra-extra over the knee boots are going to be a thing in a couple of months (ok, the bucket hat already is). Nevertheless, the key-point has a name and it's "windbreaker" and you can actually style them as a skirt. If you don't believe in me, you should probably see GANNI collaboration with 66 North proving than femininity can also have an utility touch.

North 66 X GANNI collaboration SS19



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