Our 3 favourite Key-Trends for the upcoming FW18
GUAVA is all about shoes and those that have string craving for such a fashion holt grail - I know, I know, this statement is suspicious. 
Although we can't show you (just yet) our FW18, we can (and we should, quite frankly) highlight our favourite go-tos when it comes to the strongest and trendy trends for this Fall (sorry about the redundancy).  One thing is certain, this season is all about powerful statements addressed to a world where women are now born to be loved and elevated. Great fashion keeps being about making women feel good, however, that ability comes with a new sentiment, a sentiment that reflects a Post-Trump, a Post-Times Up and a Post-My Job Should Not Include .

The Cowboy Edition
We all remember Jessica Simpson's videoclip where she clearly states that her boots were made for walking and we obviously have a glimpse of Miley Cyrus "Made in USA" song where she features a very western style. Truth to be told, this trend is here for a new round and we at GUAVA couldn't be happier - well, let's say that we also saw this one coming, so we are actually prepared. Those edgy and strong designs inspired by a countryside lifestyle are now on trend that we can be sure to find it styled for every situation of your daily-basics, which means that you are probably going to wear them with a slip dress and a plaid blazer for a high profile meetings. 
Cowboy Trend FW19 - Isabel Marant
Cowboy Trend Calvin Klein FW18
Layering contest 
Although you might don't know, this trend has a lot to do with us as a premium women's shoe brand. Well, just like when we design a shoe (which means that we are going to be facing several processes and "layers" of work ahead and multiple pieces to come up with a final shoe) this trend gives us the right feeling abou Fall & Winter. This season, and more than any other season, the true distinction would lay on how you style different fabrics, textures and pieces for your daily to daily hectic activities. Layer upon layer, you are going to understand the benefits of being ready to climb Killamanjaro or ready to work your suns out buns out attitude.
Layering Game - Roksanda FW18
Layering Game Balenciaga FW18
Logo Take-Over
And here is a trend that we don't actually follow when it comes to our own collections, however, that does not mean that we don't profusely like it and support it. The logomania ecosystem is so IN that people are going to find difficult to say no to this 80's and sort of 90's blast from the past. 

LogoMania Versace FW18
LogoMania Prada FW18

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