Summer Quartz Collection

Hey Guava Lovers,

I know it's early in the morning, so I hope your coffee is already taken, as well as the good morning nod to your (lovely or not so lovely) boss, because I have news for you that will keep you attached to the screen!

End of the season sales are ON! 50% OFF for the first 10 purchases and 30% for the remaining until 11th of September! Better way to start the terrible first monday of the month?

And, don't even think it's late to buy sandals or summer footwear. It is not, and I will show you why!

First, sandals are not yoghurts, they don't have an expire date. So, you can wear them during the following Springs and Summers. Then, we live in a crazy weather world, so when the sun starts to dawn in middle of March, you will be happy to have a new sandals to show off. Last but not the least, September, New Year's Eve, and off the high-season travellers, I know you're heading to white sandy beaches and crystalline waters so you will need a pair of beautiful sandals to join you.

And if you have doubts on how to wear these, check how you can shine in Formentera and Ibiza beach clubs with the Coral Mint, or how to have that blogger style with Jungle Green, and even how to look effortless beautiful in a special date night with Ruby Dark Yellow.




If you are feeling a little bit less casual, don't think twice and go for the Lemon Zest and an almost total white look to enhance that summer tanned skin.

Now, it is time to decide which one to go with and then wait for heads to turn!





September 04, 2017 by Ines Caleiro

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