Diamond Pump Lipstick Red
Hey Guava Lovers,
We know it’s Monday and some of you are getting back from holidays, which only makes it even more painful, but we got some advices to survive it:
Coffee first, then the world;
Listen to your favorites songs, on repeat;
Look forward to something, and get excited about it.
For the ones leaving on holydays, I don’t even want to know where are you going (I’m kidding, tell me everything)!
Not only is Monday as it is the last week of August. Drama! So many things to do, between kids’ school organization, buy pencils, rubers, underliners,notebooks. Why do they even need so many things?
We know you wish the day had 48h to have time for you, to readjust the August mindset to work mood, to organize your wardrobe and eat icecream on the sofa on the end.
But relax, we are here for you and nothing better than a perfect pump red heels to boost your confidence in returning to work. You will look like million bucks, like you own the world and have everything figure it out, even if you don’t.
And on the end of the day, just put your casual clothes on and go drink a glace of wine with your girls.
August 28, 2017 by Ines Caleiro

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