Guava Girl
 A GUAVA GIRL lives to express herself.
Everything was designed with the sole purpose of being hers.
She is fresh made lemonade in the face of still boring bottled water.
A GUAVA GIRL is the definition of cool in any language.
GUAVA GIRLS are two feet tall amazons who battle for the Earth’s Future.
Oh, and she can run in heels.
She’s a freak.
Fearlessly exquisite, a GUAVA GIRL defies every angle of the ordinary.
A GUAVA GIRL is not from here.
She dwells between the blank spaces of imagination daring the space time continuum and breaking records in time travel.
She’s a classical beauty with a passion for the modern shaped world.
A GUAVA GIRL doesn’t pretend she is.
She is unique.
She is timeless.
She is ours. She is... you.

 We love you. Just a friendly reminder! 

 GUAVA team <3 





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