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The story which is about to be told is not a simple love story between a designer and shoes but is truly a love affair with geometric and architecture lines and a women who was drawing shoes everywhere between the notes of her everyday work. Suddenly she had enough: it was time to get that dream out of the paper into the production line. Thus, GUAVA shoes were born.  


Inês Caleiro: An Emerging Talent Designer

Ines was born in Lisbon, Portugal 32 years ago. Soon she started developing a love of geometric lines, angles and sleek silhouettes. To surprise of no one, she chooses to pursuit her love and enrolled in London Fashion School.  Then began a chapter that was going to change her life, in the school, Inês learned to used design to make the world better as she puts it “I believe design not only makes the world a better place but more beautiful, distinctive, full.”

She graduated with honors, was the top of her class and won the distinguished Best Fashion Student Award that entailed an internship at Jimmy Choo for six months.


Jimmy Choo:  The begging of the love story

When the doors opened for Inês at Jimmy Choo headquarters in London she couldn’t believe it. She had a chance to learn directly from the ancient shoe master and branding super machines. However, delighted as she was when the six months came to an end Ines choose to leave the brand with an offer on the table that she reject because she could feel it happen, she had to make it on her own. 


Boca do Lobo, enter the luxury world!

Ines returned to Portugal but as a wander luster her love of travelling got the best of her again and she enrolled this opportunity abroad this time with a brand of high end furniture Boca do Lobo in New York. In between their work breaks she was always doodling shoes. Always. It was time.


GUAVA: The beginning of a Design Journey

So six year ago with a ton of sketches under her arm she started knocking on the shoe manufactories doors to produce shoes with a never seen before geometric heel. She was totally shut down. The industry was not prepared for such work, Portugal had no machinery yet for this tip of constructions. But that never stopped Inês from believing and fighting for her dreams. Dedicated everyday to make her dream a reality and breaking the industry barriers and conservativeness, it has been a work we are all proud to see.  

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