Autunm is here!

Dear Guava lovers,

It’s Autunm calling, that magical time of the year where everything seems to renew.

Less avocados, smoothies, salads and flamingos.
More tea, jelly scones and Starbucks latte.
You can now enjoy beautiful misty mornings and bonfire nights. 



Dive into the wave of creativity it brings, while nights get longer and the wind blows.



Run, laugh and love!
Take long walks with hands given.
Eat your favorite decadent dessert.
Drink a glass of wine while reading a good book.
Cry watching Richard Gere conquering Wyona Ryder’ free spirit on Autunm in New York
And laugh with the amazing roadtrip from Chicago to New York on “When Harry met Sally”.



Enjoy the special atmosphere that Autunm brings!

And don't forget, you can now start to wearing your favorite Leather jackets and cashmere scarfs.
It can rain from time to time, but then there are days that the sun will pop out to warmly welcome you, and that day you won’t leave without a pair of sunglasses and a big smile on your face.

We want to make you feel welcomed by this new season, so meet Jaden and Smoky, they are ready to live beautiful adventures this season. They were designed and delicately handmade to make you feel efortless elegant and ready to every occasion.

With love,

September 12, 2017 by Ines Caleiro

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